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Die Bandbreite beschreibt, welche Datenmenge maximal in einem bestimmten Zeitraum über eine DSL-Verbindung übertragen werden kann.


Interconnecting telecommunications and computers


i-forward is a solutions specialist for integrating IT and telecommunications.In order to cover this field the best way possible, we've placed our focus on various key services.



Voice over IP (VOIP) and data network

We offer hight-quality VoIP solutions which integrate your existing data network with your computer applications. You'll have a unified infrastructure for voice and data traffic and profit from improved sound quality in addition to lower infrastructure costs and running expenses.



Linux engineering provides the ideal solutions for Voice over IP. The palette of available solutions is large. In addition to having the requisite experience, it's also indispensable to have the ability to upgrade and expand existing infrastructures in a target-oriented to manner to meet future requirements.


Network solutions

A solid network is fundamental for trouble-free operation of Voice over IP solutions. i-forward defines, clarifies and solves the associated requirements.



Individual requirements and necessities require individualised programming.We're the right contact partner to approach in this regard, even for (highly) complex needs.




With our solutions, you'll receive the highest level of mobility possible and will be reachable worldwide under one fixed telephone number. You'll be able to place calls from anywhere you have access to the Internet. 

Every telephone call to a landline is free of charge, regardless if it's call to right next door or to another continent.



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i-forward offers coherent solutions for small and medium-sized companies as well as for large corporations. We develop individualised concept just as easily as we can tailor Swisscom solutions to your individual needs. Well over 100 Referenzen speak for themselves.