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VoIP (Voice over IP)

«Voice over IP» (deutsch: «Sprache über IP») ist das Telefonieren über ein Computernetzwerk und wird umgangssprachlich auch als Web-Telefonie bezeichnet.

Swisscom Voice


Voice and data communication from one source


i-forward is an official Swisscom partner and offers complete service packages for Business Connect Professional.

This includes all services for Swisscom Voice projects, from consulting and realisation to support:

•    Understanding of the customer’s needs and the technical capabilities of today and tomorrow
•    Selecting the IT strategy and hardware architecture which is right for the customer
•    Designing and setting up solutions
•    Solution implementation, training and support
•    Operation and support – depending on customer needs
•    Maintenance and service to ensure the solution’s functionality, intrinsic value and up-to-dateness  

Business Connect Professional

With Business Connect Professional, Swisscom offers voice and data communication all from one source.
This is a comprehensive service package with which your telephone solution runs over the Internet virtually.

We’ll integrate this service package into your existing data network and computer applications in the most optimal manner available. You’ll only need to use one mutual infrastructure for voice and data traffic. Additionally, you can link various company locations, home offices and field workers all into one network.

In doing so, your telephone calls will run over existing Internet lines – one broadband connection at each location is all that is needed.
This yields a plethora of advantages, regardless of whether you are a small or medium-sized company or a corporate customer.




  • Lower costs
  • Ready for the future, with:
  • Higher efficiency
  •   - Soft-Phone
  • Increased flexibilty
  •   - SIP Phone
  • Swisscom quality
  •   - Outlook Manager
  • Business-Connect
  •   - Receptionist