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Ist eine Methode, die eine direkte Verbindung zwischen zwei Computern oder Teilnehmern herstellt. Dadurch wird die Sicherheit der Datenübertragung erhöht.




Good voice and telecommunications service requires a stable, solid network


Open Source Linux solution

We can provide you with support in various areas using specifically tailored open source Linux solutions. We’ll accompany you throughout the entire project cycle, beginning with


•    consultation
•    and configuration,
•    to installation and
•    all the way through realisation. 




Adjustments and expansions

We also perform adjustments and expansions to a broad palette of other open source applications. Simply contact us.


Linux Engineering (e.g. open source Aterisk solution) provides ideal optimisation potential for Voice over IP. A requisite to seamless implementation is our profound network know-how paired with the necessary programming knowledge.



i-forward Linux Services

Databanks   (mySQL, Postgres)
System management   (MRTG, SmokePing, RRDtool)
Internet   (Webserver, Apache)
Mail server and spam filtering   (Sendmail, Postfix,)
Anti-virus protection   (Amavis, Applicationserver)
VOIP   (Asterix)