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Point of Sale (PoS)

Oder Point of Purchase (PoP) bezeichnet im Marketing aus Sicht des Konsumenten die Einkaufsstelle und aus Sicht des Anbieters die Verkaufsstelle.

Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is the commercial use of bulk SMS / MMS 


This marketing mix element can be used for customer acquisition, sales, customer retention, image and brand building, customer service or market research.


SMS marketing

SSMS marketing offers the opportunity to reach a large target group of people with a low level of expenditure (2.6 billion people according to a 2006 study GSM Association).

i-forward offers network and SMS marketing from one source

We’ll provide you with support in the following:


  • Concept development
    Assessing requirements for the application environment; formulating development plans and how business processes can be integrated into an existing infrastructure in a target-oriented manner
  • Planning and analysis
    of the opportunities for supporting your campaign
  • Software architecture
    for implementing strategy, know-how and technology for the future
  • Strategy planning
    for formulating the requirements on the application environment and developing web / software applications


i-forward gateway

We’ll provide you with the necessary infrastructure, know-how and a wide variety of solutions which you can use to design the optimal SMS and MMS marketing mix.

The i-forward SMS gateway simply and economically integrates the modules needed for your infrastructure. The system is modular and can be expanded step by step according to customer needs.


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Objectives of mobile marketing

  • New customer acquisition
  • Existing customer retention
  • Brand and image building
  • Sales promotion
  • Quick surveys
  • Customer service


    Application examples

    SMS Premium


    SMS Bulk

  • Competition / give-away
  • SMS alerting / service monitoring
  • Buying service (ring tones, images)
  • Reminder (warning)
  • Subscription services (news)
  • Specials / product promotions
  • Survey / market research
  • Communication (group tool, field service, election support)
  • Advertisements / contacts