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1. Limited liability


Content on this website



This website’s content is created with great care. However, the provider accepts no guarantee for the correctness, completeness or up-to-dateness of the content provided. The use of retrievable content is done at the user’s own risk. Content marked with an author’s name reflect only that author’s opinion and not always the provider’s opinion.


Website availability



Provider will strive to make this service available for retrieval as interruption-free as possible. Despite this great care, however, downtimes cannot be completely avoided. The provider reserves the right to change or end services at any time.



External links


This website has links to third party websites (“external links”). Those website are subject to the respective provider’s liability. Upon initially linking to an external link, the provider checked third party content for any potential legal infringements. At that point time, no legal infringements were discovered. Provider has no influence on the current and future design or content of linked pages. Setting an external link does not mean that provider adopts the linked content. It cannot be reasonably expected that provider constantly check these external links without having concrete information regarding legal infringements. These kinds of links, however, are immediately deleted upon learning of legal infringements.





The content of advertising and the website being advertised is the responsibility of the respective author. Showing an advertisement does not represent acceptance on behalf of provider.



No contractual relationship


Use of the provider’s website does not generate any contractual relationship between user and provider. Therefore, no contractual or contract-like claims can be made against the provider. In the event that using the website does lead to a contract relationship, then the following liability limitation will apply as a preventative measure: Provider will be liable for premeditation and wanton neglect as well as infringement upon a significant contract obligation (cardinal obligation). Provider is liable for compensation limited to the damages which are typical and foreseeable upon concluding the contract and are not based on a slightly negligent infringement upon cardinal obligation committed by provider or one of provider’s legal representatives or fulfilment assistants. In the event of slightly negligent infringement upon secondary obligations which are not cardinal obligations, provider will assume no liability. Liability for damages falling under the protection of a warranty or assurance made by provider, liability for claims based on the Swiss Product Liability Law as well as damages from injury to life, body or health remain unaffected by this.



2. Copyright


The content and works published on this website are copyrighted. Any and all use not permitted by Swiss copyright law is subject to prior written consent from the respective author or creator. This particularly applies to duplicating, editing, translating, storing, editing and reproducing content in databanks or other electronic media and systems. Third party content and articles are marked as such. Impermissible duplication or reproduction of content or complete pages is not permitted and is punishable. Copies and downloads may only be carried out for personal, private and non-commercial use.



Links to a provider’s website are welcome at all times and do not require consent from the website’s provider. This website may only be shown in third party frames with consent.



3. Data privacy


Visiting the provider’s website means that access information (date, time, page viewed) may be stored on the server. These data are not personal data and are anonymised. They are evaluated for statistical purposes only. They will not be passed on to a third party for commercial or non-commercial purposes.



Furthermore, data may be stored on the website user’s computer. These data are called “cookies” and are used to simplify user access. However, the user has the option of deactivating this function within the respective web browser. In this case, however, the usability of our website may be limited.



Provider expressly communicates that data transfer on the Internet (e.g. e-mail communication) is associated with security vulnerabilities and cannot be completely protected against access by third parties.



The use of contact data from provider identification – particularly telephone / fax numbers and e-mail addresses – for commercial advertising is expressly undesired unless the provider issues prior written consent or contact of a business-like nature has already been established. Provider and all persons named on this website hereby object to any and every commercial use or passing on of their data.



4. Applicable law


Only the relevant Swiss laws will apply.



5. Special terms and conditions of use


If there are special terms and conditions of individual use of this website which deviate from sections 1 to 4 named above, then an express reference will be made at the corresponding location. In this case, the special terms and conditions will only apply for that case.